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Trusted childcare

in Sunderland and Newcastle ...where fun and learning go hand in hand

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Come and  
meet us

Call or email to confirm an appointment, then come in and meet the team

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Tell us
what you need
to help with your work-life balance

We are totally flexible in what we can offer your family... from sessions to full time all year round.

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We know    
what we are doing  

Unlike other nurseries, we employ only fully qualified staff, many of whom have specialist qualifications.

Many of our children have gone on to achieve university degrees. Capitalising on the great start they had with The Cedars Nursery.

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from home...

and the great outdooors too

We selected our lovely properties for good reasons... children feel at ease in their home. Ours are just extremely large homes - Victorian mansions that have numerous rooms, adapted and equipped to perfectly support children at each stage of there development and learning.​​

Flat, featureless, class room style buildings are easier to run but do not always create the right homely environment.


Our outdoor areas are exceptional with room for brilliant adventures and learning in the great outdoors.


Fair prices...
with no hidden extras     

We are open and honest with all prices.

Simple and easy to follow.

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We are here to help your child develop their full potential...

...and we are here to help you through those early years giving your family all the support you need

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